What We Do

Through person centred planning people are helped to have as much choice and control in their life as possible. We support people in a wide range of activities in the local area and also at Hapstead.

Personalised support and regular reviews ensure that everyone is given the chance to develop activities that are important to them. Many people tell us that they want to participate in some kind of work. Some people work in local social enterprises and make a valuable contribution.

Camphill Devon has over 90 acres of land and the farm and garden provide fresh, naturally produced food for the houses. Some people work in these areas as well as on the upkeep of the estate and woodlands. We offer a range of day activities for the people who live at Hapstead and individuals that come in for sessions. Activities include Pottery, Textiles, Metalwork and Woodwork as well work on the land and garden.

Home Life
People live in comfortable self-contained households of various sizes, sharing the daily routine, and working with each other to make their house a real home.
Each person has their private room as well as the shared living spaces and the facilities and grounds of Hapstead to enjoy.
Guest Volunteers from all over the world and live alongside the people we support to engage, enable, and share their culture and interests, contribute much to the feeling of community at Hapstead.

Avalon House

Feirefis House

Guinevere House

Merlin House

Pellinore House

Pendragon House

Social, Cultural and Spiritual Life
People are encouraged to follow their own interests. This might be participating in an evening college course, such as drama, singing and dancing, or computer skills.

Other opportunities include sailing and horse riding, walking and cycling. People enjoy regular trips to the cinema, theatre, nightclubs and other activities in the area.

We have facilities onsite to provide opportunities for outdoor and indoor activities, including football, badminton and exercise equipment, as well as music and dance sessions, discos and karaoke.

With Dartmoor on our doorstep, and the coast close by, we also have easy access to Exeter, Plymouth and smaller towns for shopping and sightseeing – there is plenty of choice for days out.
Everyone has the opportunity for an annual holiday of their choice including the chance for foreign travel.

We actively welcome people of different faith or persuasion and encourage them to contribute and be involved.

Governance and Finance

Camphill Devon Community is a registered charity. We are self-governing, responsible for our running and development and have a board of trustees.

Most residents are funded by local authorities through individual service contracts. Finance for development and projects are supported by donations and fundraising activities.