Rural Craft Activities

At Camphill Devon we offer a range of meaningful, therapeutic and stimulating activities.

The people we support are assisted by our professional team of activity leaders to participate in art and craft activities, as well as horticulture, gardening and animal care; gaining skills, knowledge and confidence. Some of the work made is sold through our fairs or outside exhibitions and other organisations, this promotes the skills and abilities of the people we support.

The Weavery

In the weavery the people we support can access a wide variety of fabric related craft activities. These include weaving on floor or table looms, spinning, using a traditional wheels for spinning wool from animals on our site, as well as knitting, crochet, sewing and quilting. The weavery offers other arts activities such as painting, mosaic, collage and drawing. We are also hoping to add print making to the mix as well. All the work that we do is very person centred and guided by the people we support.

The pottery

The pottery provides a sessions making a wide range of items. The people we support will learn a variety of techniques including slab building, coil building using moulds, painting, glazing, and much more. This a very person centred activity with everyone working to their own ability and area of interest.

Wood Work

We have a vast array of equipment available to suit individuals’ skills and interests. This is a person-centred activity where individuals usually work on a variety of projects. They can work 1-1 on a lathe turning bowls, pens, and vases or on group or individual projects. The activity also regularly links up with the garden activities, such as making raised planting frames, bird boxes, etc. 

Metal work

Metal work is a very versatile workshop with many activities on offer including metal and glass processing, jewellery and card making. As is the case with all our workshops, the focus within metal work is influenced by opportunities for using recycled materials, and items such as old coins, copper pipes, copper tanks and glass.


Land and Garden

Opportunities for working on the land and gardens are vast. We have several acres of garden put to a variety of uses, from structured planting for fruit, salad and vegetables, including access to potting sheds and several polytunnels to maintaining animal pens and shelters, strimming and hedge trimming. We also have some chickens, ducks, sheep, goats and alpacas – which are particularly popular with many of the people we support. Whether someone is keen to expend energy digging up potatoes or mowing the grass, or more ‘green fingered’ activities such as potting or harvesting there really is something for everyone, and for all weathers!



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