Use of Cookies

On 26 May 2011, the amended Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations came into force in the UK and EU. They include changes to the rules for use of cookies on websites.

This information is provided in recognition of that legislation.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that are stored on a visitor’s computer and enable information to be remembered by a website during a visitor’s current visit and in some cases are stored to be used on future visits to a particular website. Depending on the web browsing program used cookies can be deleted or disabled but this may prevent you from using the website in the way you expected.

What does this Legislation mean for visitors to websites and website operators?

The legislation is complex and currently there is considered by many people to be a lack of clarity concerning exactly what website operators need to do to adhere to this legislation particularly when balanced against adversely affecting a visitor’s experience of a website.

We have therefore sought to take action that we consider reflects the spirit of the legislation and provide information to visitors about how we use cookies.

This acknowledges the information provided by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office ( but is based largely on the following documents:

Why are cookies used?

In some cases cookies are necessary in order that a website works correctly for the visitor and disabling cookies would mean you would not be able to use that website. This is often the case for ecommerce sites or sites where you might login to view specific content.

In other cases – the main reason for the law being brought in – they might be used for targeted advertising or other purposes that some people consider as invasive.

Further details on each of the categories of cookie is provided later.

Types of cookies used on our website.

Our website uses cookies that are in Category 2 (see later for full details of each category).

In summary these are for e.g. collecting anonymous statistics about how the site is used, or which enable the visitor’s experience to match their expectations based on the website content/purpose of the visit.

This includes use of Google Analytics to help us identify the numbers of visitors and how the site is used. If you wish to find out more Google provides information at

Your options

  • If you disable cookies then your use of the site would be affected.
  • By using this website you give your consent to the use of our cookies.


Categories of Cookies

Essential Cookies

Name of Cookie Purpose Strictly Necessary
cmplz_banner-status, cmplz_consented_services, cmplz_functional,  cmplz_marketing, cmplz_policy_id, cmplz_preferences, cmplz_statistics Cookie set by the UK cookie consent plugin to record your cookie preferences on our website. Yes
wordpress_test_cookie Used by our website software to determine if your browser supports cookies Yes

Analytics cookies

Name of Cookie Provider Purpose
_ga, _gid, _gali, _gat Google Used by Google Analytics to distinguish unique users. Important: Google Analytics does not store any personal information about website users. Read the Google Analytics privacy document for more details.