Rural craft Workshops

A range of meaningful, therapeutic and stimulating activities are provided by the Camphill Devon craft workshops, land and gardens.

In the workshops, people are given the opportunity and support they need to make art and craft; gaining skills, knowledge and confidence, supported by our professional team of workshop leaders.


Indoor activities

Craft workshops at Hapstead include Textiles, Metalwork and Jewellery, Woodwork and Pottery, providing a unique opportunity for people to learn and develop skills.

People take pride in their art and craft work, especially when they see their work exhibited and sold through fairs, shops and galleries in Devon, alongside other art and craft professionals. We feel it is important for the people we support to develop confidence, self-esteem and be recognised as equals and valued as members of the wider community equal and valued in the wider community.

Recent Exhibitions and outlets;

Birdwood House 2020

ReSTORE Dartington

Birdwood House exhibition 2022

Outdoor activities

We provide a range of outdoor activities in our land and garden groups. We grow a variety of produce in our gardens and polytunnels, as well as keeping chickens and bees. The group also helps to manage our woodland and apple orchard.



Camphill Devon’s day activities are open all year round (except for Christmas and other public holidays) and provide a vital structure to an individual’s day and week, as well as, enabling people to retain and gain new skills, in a friendly inclusive environment.

If you are interested in any of Camphill Devon’s Rural activities and workshops, please contact Liz Wilkinson Cave for more information


Resident Wood Work
Resident at Weaving Loom